The AMAA Championship Circuit enables competitors to compete at a Championship Level. There are (3) Qualifiers held each year. The competitor does not have to place in these events to compete at the AMAA Championship. However, they do receive money off their entry fee for each Qualifier they participate in. The AMAA Championship is held in Greensburg, Indiana.

  • All Tournaments will be Invitational/Open Tournaments
  • The AMAA Championship will be Invitation/Open


Qualifier Tournaments for 2016

1. Master Hammersley in Indy- March 26th, 2016

2. Master Lucas in Bedford- June 4th, 2016

3. Master Thompson in Lawrenceburg- October 22, 2016 

4. AMAA Championship in Greensburg- Mid April 2017(Date to be announced)


Referee Training

AMAA Schools may bring however many Black Belts & Brown/Red that they wish. The updated Olympic Sparring is included in the seminar as well as Form, Weapons, Breaking & Point Sparring. The participants are taught how to judge, what to look for in each of these events. Referee seminars will be held before each tournament.

Referee Seminar Dates for 2016:
Master Lucas, Lucas Martial Arts in Bedford. Sunday May22nd at 3:00pm

(Future seminars for 2016 to be determined.)


Black Belt Testing

For CTA Charted Schools the CTA Board holds Black Belt Testing (2) times each year. (See dates below) Chartered Schools may bring their Black Belt candidates to this Testing to become CTA Certified for their ranks. The students must go through a vigorous testing that includes Basic Fundamentals, Form, Breaking, Sparring, endurance, accuracy, as well as knowledge. They must perform the required WTF Testing if they are Taekwondo students. ALL CANDIDATES WILL BE TESTED IN AMAA KNOWLEDGE. All promoting Black Belts are to be at the next AMAA Tournament for the presentation of their Chungdokwan Taekwondo Alliance Black Belt Certificate.The Testing Candidates must have the following;

  • A current Chungdokwan Taekwondo Alliance ID Card.
  • A Portfolio
  • If over 16, a Philosophy of Martial Arts Recommendation from their instructor

Test Dates for 2016:

  • May 21st Batesville YMCA at 1:00pm
  • September 10th

(Locations to be announced.)