2016 News:

1. In the Black Belt divisions, there will be a 1-2nd degree division and a 3rd and up division. However, if not enough competitors the tournament director has the right to combine these.

2. The cost has been raised to $50.00 for 1 or 2 events and $5.00 for each additional.

3. In the sparring divisions, Point Sparring head kicks have changed to 2 points, Olympic Sparring has added 3 points for a spinning head kick in the Black Belt divisions only.

4.  For every tournament leading up to the Championship, the competitor will get $5.00 credit for each one they participate in. A voucher will be mailed to the school with the competitors name on it and for the amount of credit. This will be taken off the registration fee for the Championships which will cost $55.00 for 1 or 2 events. (So if a competitor goes to none of the qualifiers, they will pay the full price of $55.00 + $5.00 each additional event for the Championship. If they go to all 3 qualifiers they will pay only $40.00 + $5.00 for each additional event.)

5. Each tournament Director will host a Referee Seminar prior to their tournaments. Be looking for these dates and we ask the ALL instructors promote and encourage participation in these. We have to many people not getting in there to judge and participation will increase fairness and better competition for all.

6. Tournament Dates are: Indy-Danville, Master Hammersley on March 26th,2016 / Bedford, Master Lucas June 4th,2016 /Lawrenceburg, Master Hite in October,2016 (Date may Change) / Greensburg AMAA Championship, Grandmaster Coblentz in Mid April 2017. (Date to be announced)

7. School Charter fees remain $50.00. Need to be registered and paid BEFORE March 26th. tournament.

8. Student Memberships have been raised to $35.00 and will be good till Black Belt no renewals. Black Belt Membership fees are $40.00 and are good for life. No renewals

9. Black Belt Testing dates will be May 21st, 2016 at SIY Martial Arts in Batesville and September 10th, 2016. Location to be announced.

Tournament Changes

  • All ring sizes will be 20 x 20.
  • All tournaments will run 6 rings
  • All promoting Black Belts are to be at the next AMAA Tournament for the presentation of their CTA Black Belt Certificate.
  • GM Coblentz and Sr. Master Diana will be coming to schools to help get paperwork right and in order for the CTA Gup, Kup, Memberships, etc.

CTA/AMAA Board Meeting




CTA Black Belt Testing- Held May 21st, 2016